As an agricultural and foods company, we are committed to protecting and conserving Cambodia’s natural resources. In partnership with local farms, Amazing Foods International allocates resources toward research and technology to improve our product quality and processing efficiency while also minimizing our impact on the environment.

Utilizing the power of the sun

We have solar installations at our primary processing plant for Mango Amazing in Kampong Chhnang. We also have plans for additional solar installations in 2020-2021. Currently we generate 25% of our required electricity for without combustion or pollution.

Reducing our footprint

As guardians of our valuable land and natural resources, we are always looking at ways to reduce our water impact. That’s why, to date, we have invested in natural irrigation canals and systems to incorporate and take advantage of Cambodia’s rainy season and generate sufficient water for our trees.


Our commitment to innovation doesn’t end with irrigation. Amazing Foods International’s farms are able to produce two crops of mangoes per year, thus maximizing the use of our processing plant, which otherwise would lie dormant for much of the year.

Growers with enthusiasm

Amazing Foods International is a foods company, however through our partnership with local farmers and cooperative farm leases, we are one of the largest growers of Keo Romeat Mangoes in Cambodia. We are actively involved in new partnerships and working with the local community to establish Kampong Chhnang Province as one of the top mango producing regions in Cambodia.

Investing in the future

Mango Amazing dried mangoes was made possible through the vision of Mr. Henry Horn, Founder and Chairman of Amazing Foods International Co. ltd. The goal of the company and that of Henry Horn is to provide a path of ever improving sustainability by focusing on the innovation in agriculture and continued research and investment required to develop new technologies and solutions to protect our natural resources and play our part to improve global climate change.