Amazing Foods International (Cambodia). is a privately held company committed to offering best-quality, healthy and sustainable brands which offers consumers more choices
in their daily diet.

Mango Amazing offers one of the world’s best tasting 100% natural and sweetened dried mangoes made from Cambodian grown Keo Romeat mangoes. From tree to table, Mango Amazing delivers a delicious tasting, healthy and sustainable food product that supports Cambodia’s mango farmers in the Kampong Chhnang region and other provinces countrywide.

We believe there is an AMAZING opportunity by Amazing Foods International to inspire healthier choices and to support our local regions. By helping nourish one person at a time with best-quality, healthy food products, we believe we can contribute to better world.


Making the world even more amazing by effecting positive change.

Amazing Foods International Co. was founded by entrepreneur Henry Horn. With a successful career spanning over 25 years over a wide range of industries, he has always balanced achievement in business with a dedication to giving back and effecting positive change.

Amazing Foods International was founded on a idea that best-quality and healthy food products can be

made in Cambodia and shared with the world. The founders at Amazing Foods International had built several lucrative businesses. Together, they focused on delivering world-class products with creative marketing and solid management to pursue their shared mission for producing best-quality and healthy food products. Amazing Foods International has acquired prime agricultural land in Kampong Chnnang province through long term leases for its enterprise. The company plans to evenutally encompass a diverse range of brand products—from mangoes, to pepper, to natural beverages and beyond.

From the very beginning, Amazing Foods International has focused on social responsibility.

Instead of just measuring success by financial numbers, we measure it by how much we give back to the our communities and contribute to the world.


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